Readings for August 21

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“For I cannot offer to the Lord offerings that cost nothing.”

Morning Reading2 Samuel 23:8-24 

“Have nothing to do with a babbler.”

Midday ReadingProverbs 20:19-21 

“Should we pay or should we not pay?”

Evening ReadingMark 12:1-27 


Readings for August 19

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“The Judahites remained loyal to their king.”

Morning Reading2 Samuel 20:1-26 

“Eyes wide open mean abundant food.”

Midday ReadingProverbs 20: 13-15 

“It was not the time for figs.”

Evening ReadingMark 11:1-14 


Readings for August 11

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“David knew that the Lord had established him as King.”

Morning Reading2 Samuel 4-5 

“He who has compassion for the poor lends to the Lord.”

Midday ReadingProverbs 19:16-18 

“What comes out of a person, that is what defiles.”

Evening ReadingMark 7:1-23 


Readings for August 10

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“As men fall before the wicked, you fell.”

Morning Reading2 Samuel 2-3 

“The nagging of a wife is a persistent leak.”

Midday ReadingProverbs 19:13-15 

“Give them some food yourselves.”

Evening ReadingMark 6:30-56