Readings for February 13



“It shall be a jubilee for you.”

Morning ReadingLeviticus 25-27 

“I will judge with equity.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 75 

“Why does this generation seek a sign?”

Evening ReadingMark 8:1-26 

Readings for February 12



“These things you shall leave for the poor.”

Morning ReadingLeviticus 21-24 

“Give not the vulture the life of your dove.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 74 

“Even the dogs eat the children’s scraps.”

Evening ReadingMark 7:24-37 

Readings for February 11


PLEASE NOTE: Today’s first reading from Leviticus deals in part with laws regarding sexual intercourse. We advise discretion when listening with children.


“It is the blood, as the seat of life, which makes atonement.”

Morning ReadingLeviticus 17-20 

“Such then are the wicked, always carefree.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 73 

“The things that come out from within are what defile.”

Evening ReadingMark 7:1-23