Readings for January 30

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“Joseph was embalmed and laid to rest in a coffin in Egypt.”

Morning ReadingGenesis 46-50 

“Bid kindness and faithfulness preserve him.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 61 

“His fame spread everywhere.”

Evening ReadingMark 1:14-31 



Readings for January 27


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“The hip socket was wrenched as they wrestled.”

Morning ReadingGenesis 31-36 

“Smash their teeth in their mouths.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 58 

“The guard is yours.”

Evening ReadingMatthew 27:27 -66 



Readings for January 20


Introduction to the Book of Genesis

Today we begin reading the Book of Genesis. To get yourself reacquainted with the contents of this great beginning to the Holy Bible, please read this introduction by Father Frank Giuffre. Then, listen to the readings below.


“In the beginning…”

Morning ReadingGenesis 1-3 

“A clean heart create for me O God.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 51 

“In those days before the flood…”

Evening ReadingMatthew 24:29-51 


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Readings for January 9

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“Aspire to live a tranquil life.”

Morning ReadingThe First Letter to the Thessalonians 

“Out of the mud of the swamp.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 40 

“Sell what you have and give to the poor.”

Evening ReadingMatthew 19:16-30 

Readings for December 21

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“Are you not rebellious children?”

Morning ReadingIsaiah 56-57 

“You gave him length of days forever and ever.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 21 

“Whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

Evening ReadingMatthew 10:34-11:1 

Readings for December 20

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“Why spend your money for what is not bread?”

Morning ReadingIsaiah 54-55 

“May he grant you what is in your heart.”

Midday ReadingPsalm 20 

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body.”

Evening ReadingMatthew 10:16-33